Alucobond Cladding

E-facades Ghana Ltd installs aluminium composite materials or alucobond panels in Ghana and beyond. Alucobond is a premium brand of Aluminium Composite Material with a wide range of surface finishes. Alucobond is designed and developed as a stable yet flexible wall cladding material to be used for architectural needs.

Alucobond offers you design flexibility and simple installation. Alucobond Fixed Cassette System is ideal for use in both the construction of new buildings, and the re-design of existing structures, large or small. These panels have been used in architectural and for corporate identity programmes, particularly for façades, walls and roof cladding. The panels are outstanding due to their extreme evenness and rigidity, on the other hand they offer excellent formability with simple fabrication techniques.

They are available in a large variety of colours, surfaces and formats as well as in various core variations such as a fire-retardant and a non-combustible version.


BRAVO W is the optimal solution for large and flat façades, ensuring fast and secure installation of cassettes composite panels. The system allows the movement of the façade material in various thermal expansions without compromising the secure attachment of the cassettes.

BRAVO U is a system for installation of composite materials and metal sheets, using the most successful principle by hanging of the panels. The system is an optimal solution for large and flat façades. It ensures fast and secure installation of the composite panels and it is an optimal response to the thermal expansion of the material.

BRAVO Y system is designed for installation of composite materials and metal sheets by using the most successful principle of cladding. The system is an optimal solution for large and flat façades.


  • Unique design that combines main supporting profiles with L-shaped mounting wall brackets
  • Over 30 types of wall brackets from 40 to 300 mm of length, which ensure alignment of the façade material while eliminating the irregularities of the construction base
  • 3-dimensional adjustability facilitating the ease of installation


The system is designed for installation of heavy materials of a thickness more than 20 mm. The profiles and accessories are designed to withstand extreme pressure caused by the façade materials with weight up to 90 kg/sq.m Ventilated façade system FORTE uses anchors of FISCHER ®, to ensure connections between the façade material and the main support structure of the system. This is a unique technology for drilling and installation of the anchor on the back (invisible) part of the façade material .


  • perfect vision of the façade with unvisible fasteners
  • opportunity for a wide variety of sizes and designs of façade materials
  • highest level of security when attaching the plates through anchors FISCHER ®
  • possible use of cladding materials with a thickness ranging from 20 mm to over 35 mm
  • different types of stone